2016-2017 High School Winners Showcase

2016-2017 VOWA-Dubby’s Fishing & Hunting
High School
Winners Showcase

The Virginia Outdoor Writers Association (VOWA) is very proud of our 2016-2017 VOWA-Dubby’s Fishing & Hunting High School Winners who typify both scholarship and love of the outdoors. These outstanding young people, along with the large number of fine students who entered our contest, are the future communicators about and stewards of our precious outdoors. We present these winners with their winning essays linked to each title. Enjoy!

First Place VOWA-Dubby’s Fishing & Hunting
Excellence in Writing Winner!

Emma Nicholas
“Empowerment Through Nature”

Emma is a senior at Turner Ashby High School in Bridgewater, Virginia. Emma is shown here with her award and proud parents at the March 25 VOWA Annual Meeting. Congratulations Emma, keep writing!



Second Place VOWA-Dubby’s Fishing & Hunting
Excellence in Writing Winner!

Kayleena Fike
“A Girl’s Hunt”

Kayleena is a senior home school student hailing from King George, Virginia. Shown here with her proud parents: Karen Fike, Kayleena’s mom and teacher, and her dad Mark Fike who is a long-time VOWA member. Outstanding work Kayleena!




Third Place VOWA-Dubby’s Fishing & Hunting
Excellence in Writing Winner!

Daniel DeMott
The Big Trip

Daniel is a 10th grade home school student from Roanoke VA. His mom Roise, his teacher, writes that “he is a typical active 16-year old, who loves to play soccer and video games. However, sometimes he takes time to spend with his four sisters, one of whom is his twin. Although he doesn’t like to write, when he does, he expresses his timely wit and creativity in his narratives. He prefers learning about history and science, and would like to study virology, someday.”

Daniel’s wonderful sense of humor came through beautifully in his excellent essay and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone at the VOWA Annual Meeting. Thank you Daniel!


Awards Ceremony

Prizes were presented to the winners during our 2017 VOWA Annual Meeting held March 25, 2017 at the DoubleTree Hotel, Charlottesville VA.

Dubby’s Fishing and Hunting graciously sponsored this year’s High School writing competition by providing generous cash prizes of $150, $100, and $50 to our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners respectively. Our sincere appreciation to Dubby’s for their support, THANK YOU!

Davida Carnahan with staff members of the Bureau of Land Management Eastern States, and Terry Lewis 2016-17 Contest Chair served as careful, patient, judges lending their expertise to selecting the very best essays. It was a tough job!

Sincere thanks to both these organizations that enable VOWA to make this special competition possible and to honor these outstanding young people.

Congratulations to all who entered. You are all winners to us! Keep enjoying, writing, and caring about the outdoors.

L to R: Kayleena Fike, Judge Davida Carnahan, Bureau of Land Management, Emma Nicholas, and Myron Brubaker VOWA Member representing Dubby’s Hunting and Fishing

All conference images courtesy of Robert Thomas, Robert Thomas Photography. Thank you Robert!