2013-14 EIC Winners Showcase

2013-14 VOWA Excellence in Craft Showcase 

The Virginia Sportsman Articles & Features Award

437G0194 Jones copy
Clarke C. Jones
 Fly Fishing Memories
January 2013 issue of Virginia Wildlife

(Congratulations also to Luke for helping to hunt up such a fine story!)

Honorable Mention437G0191 Shtogren
John Shtogren
Where the Boars Are, An Evergaldes Adventure
  December 2012/January 2013 The Virginia Sportsman

VOWA Book Award

437G0200 SimpsonAnn & Rob Simpson
NatureGuide to Shenandoah National Park, Falcon Press

Hunt’s Photo & Video Photography Award

Yellow-necked CaterpillarMarie Majarov
Yellow-necked caterpillar, Native Plants Rock Virginia Wildlife Magazine, May/June 2013437G0197 MM Photo



Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina;Honorable Mention Ann & Rob Simpson 
Scenic Shenandoah,   SNP Calendar 2013

VOWA Newsletter/Website Award

London, Sicily and Assisi 2013 247Dorothy McManus 
The Marsh Wren, Newsletter for Friends of Dyke Marsh, Dorothy McManus, Editor. View this outstanding newsletter at: http://www.fodm.org/news.htm.

Nancy w gator copyHonorable Mention
Nancy Sorrells 
The Virginia Native Plant Society Newsletter Nancy Sorrells Editor. View this excellent newsletter at: http://vnps.org/download/VNPSNewsletter_FEB:2014%282%29.pdf

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Award

437G0207 Mossy CreekRobert Thomas
November 2013 Issue of the Singing Reel, Newsletter of the Fly Fishers of Virginia. View this outstanding fly fishing newsletter at: http://www.flyfishersofvirginia.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/November-2013-SingingReel.pdf

Congratulations to all our winners!

Thank you to The Virginia Sportsman, Hunt’s Photo & Video, and Mossy Creek Fly Fishing, each graciously sponsoring an EIC Contest Award. And to our Contest Judges: the success of our competitions fall on your shoulders and we are most grateful for all the time and energy you give to ensuring that the most deserving winners are honored.

We thank Dominion for their generous grant that made possible our Awards Luncheon at which each winner shared their topics and adventures involved in their prize winning publications providing all in attendance with important craft, outdoor, and environmental learning.

 All conference images courtesy of Robert Thomas, Robert Thomas Photography. Thank you Robert!