2014-2015 EIC Winners Showcase

2014-2015 VOWA Excellence-in-Craft
Winners Showcase

Many of the Article/Feature titles are links to the writers winning work, more links will be added. Enjoy!

Outstanding Column

Chris Bolgiano website1st Place: “The Atlantic Coast Pipe Line as Parasitic Worm” by Chris Bolgiano 
2nd Place“Citizen voices protected the George Washington National Forest” by Chris Bolgiano


Marlene Condon website
3rd Place
“If you break it, you pay for it” by Marlene Condon.
Marlene’s fine column also won the Fly Fishers of Virginia “Best Conservation Entry” Special Award.

 Outstanding Photograph

EIC Photo Winners Web 21st Place: “Leaves in River” by Matt Reilly
Reilly Autumn's Last - Website

2nd Place: “Winnie and Me” by Ed Felker

3rd Place
: “Eastern Bluebird Chick”
Marie Majarov
Newly Banded Bluebird Chick






Outstanding Blog

Blog Winners
1st Place: “Dispatches from the Potomac” Ed Felker
2nd Place: “Getting more on the ground”   Bobby Whitescarver
3rd Place: “Adventures Afield”   Matt Reilly

Outstanding Feature Story

Outstanding Feature Story web1st Place: “Medicine for the Soul” by Ed Felker
2nd Place “Back to Basics” by Tom Sadler
3rd Place: “Best of Both Worlds Kayak Fishing” by  Ed Felker



Outstanding Newsletter

Newsletter Winners website
1st Place
: “VNPS Bulletin February 2014,” Nancy Sorrells
2nd Place: “VNPS Bulletin Winter 2014,”   Nancy Sorrells

Mossy Creek Award website3rd Place: “The Singing Reel October 2014,” Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas and his expertly done newsletter was also awarded the Mossy Creek FlyFishing “Best Flyfishing” Entry. This award was presented to him by Tom Sadler on behalf of supporting members Brain & Colby Trow of Mossy Creek Flyfishing.  

Outstanding Book

Jeff Turner website“Tails of Moonpie and the Riverkeeper”
by Jeff Turner
Jeff Turner’s charming and superbly written “Tails of Moonpie” is also the winner of the  Madison County “Virginia” Award, a Special Award given for the best “Virginia ” entry.
Moonpie website





Special thanks to our EIC sponsors: the Fly Fishers of Virginia, Mossy Creek Fly Fishing, and Madison County.

We thank our profesional judges for their generous donation of time, patience, and expertise in judging our contest.

All conference images courtesy of Robert Thomas, Robert Thomas Photography. Thank you Robert!