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Enjoy our first announcement, longtime VOWA member Bobby Whitescarver’s new book!


August 2019:

Swoope Almanac
Stories of love, land, and water in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley
by Robert Whitescarver

Bobby Whitescarver’s writing and public speaking about farming and the environment have charmed and informed audiences for over a decade. Now, the award-winning writer, conservationist, and farmer describes the hardships and joys of farming and nurturing the land while raising cattle, restoring streams, and creating wildlife habitat in this newly released book, Swoope Almanac: Stories of Love, Land, and Water in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.
Bobby Whitescarver
“Taste the wine, feel the soil, smell the rain, hear the warblers, see the wonders…join me on these pages to experience the surge of life’s energy in spring, the healing power of trees, and life on the farm with a ninth-generation, pearl earring-wearing, calf-roping farmer, my wife, the Princess of Swoope. Restoring streams, wildlife habitat, and soil are core themes that weave through this journal,” says the author.
For more information about Bobby and his new book, click Swoope Almanac Press Release
Hard and soft editions are available through Bobby’s outstanding website/blog Getting More on the Ground: https://www.gettingmoreontheground.com/swoope-almanac/