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Greetings from the board and officers of the Virginia Outdoor Writers Association!

VOWA is more relevant than ever and here’s what joining with us means:

  • A vital forum to improve your outdoor media skills

  • Mentorship opportunities

  • Excellence in craft contests

  • Educational outreach

  • Insider connections with state and national agencies associated with Virginia’s amazing natural resources

  • Behind-the-scenes story opportunities and exclusive interviews

  • An annual meeting to present awards and enjoy presentations on craft improvement and outdoor adventures

  • Networking and camaraderie opportunities

  • Opportunities to have fun and create lasting friendships connected to the outdoors

With the above list in mind, the VOWA board recently met to discuss ways to reinvigorate our organization. Like many organizations, COVID took a toll on our group, causing us to curtail social activities and isolate ourselves. It’s time to put that in the rear view mirror and enthusiastically move forward to embrace new technologies and innovative ways of communicating about the outdoors. We invite you to be a part of that resurgence.

We think that you all will agree that Virginia’s natural resources are beyond compare. What we revel in at VOWA is finding ways to bring those stories to others through words and images in a wide variety of ways and media. This is true whether you are a full-time professional, just dabble in a blog spot, or edit a bird club newsletter.

We want to accomplish this while not forgetting the long and storied past that has enriched us all. VOWA was founded more than 50 years ago by some of the keystone writers in the Old Dominion. People like Bob Gooch and Spike Knuth formed the organization to promote outdoor writing, illustration, and photography.

Recent VOWA activities have included a visit to Southwest Virginia to see the elk reintroduction areas, where we met elk biologists and heard elk bugling at dawn; an overnight stay on Tangier Island, where we rode a boat out to the Mayor’s crab shack; and a visit to the Virginia State Arboretum in Blandy, where we got the buzz about native pollinator bees.

At our last annual meeting we learned about opportunities to introduce marginalized communities to the outdoors, and listened raptly while one writer told about her writing assignment that took her dog-mushing in Greenland.

We are already planning new adventures. Go ahead and put Saturday May 18, 2024 on your calendar for a SPRING FLING in Grottoes. Opportunities for wildlife photography, shooting, and good eating are all on the agenda. Watch for details in our next eblast.

As we revitalize our organization, we will continue sending out communications such as this one, while also posting on Facebook. Please visit our website for updates and information as well. We also encourage you to let us know what you are doing in the great outdoors.

If you would like to continue receiving communications from us, you don’t have to do a thing. We welcome your involvement and thoughts if you want to send them to us. Let us know how you think VOWA can continue to be the outdoor communication hub for Virginia in the future. If you know of other veteran or budding outdoor communicators, please pass this message on to them and ask them to send us their email so that they can receive regular communications from us as well.

We will be sending another message to you in the very near future. Again, if you prefer to be taken off this eblast list, please send us an “opt out” email message. Otherwise, stay tuned.

Now, that’s enough reading. Turn off the screen and get outside!




Terry Lewis, President

Robert Thomas, Board Chair

Lynda Richardson, 1st VP

Marie Majarov, 2nd VP

Nancy Sorrells, Secretary

Milan Majarov, Treasurer


David Coffman

Amanda Creasey

William Funk

Jennifer Hensley

Chris McCotter

Tom Sadler


Contact us online or at

Visit our Facebook Page


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