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Save the Date for our  2015 VOWA Annual Meeting: March 21, 2015, Double Tree Hotel  Charlottesville VA!

6212 Rice Center 72ppiSee our VOWA News and Update Page for pictures and details of our VOWA 2014 Annual Fall Event at the VCU Rice Rivers Center. Thank you VCU for a wonderful day! 


Welcome to the Website Home of the Virginia Outdoor Writers Association!

Guests we hope you enjoy becoming familiar with the Virginia Outdoor Writers Association (VOWA), obtaining information about membership, and/or entering our annual high school and collegiate writing contests. For Members this is the place to keep up with what is happening in VOWA,  be in touch with fellow members,  and  link with valuable resources.

Board of Directors

President: Robert Thomas, Richmond VA
Chairman of the Board: Marie Majarov, Winchester VA
Vice President: Dan Genest, Midlothian, VA
First Vice President: Terry Lewis, Gloucester VA
Secretary: Nancy Sorrells, Greenville VA
Treasurer: Milan Majarov, Winchester VA
Member-at-Large: Glenda Booth, Alexandria VA
Member-at-Large: Ed Felker, Lovettsville VA
Member-at-Large: John Shtogren, Cartersville VA
Member-at-Large: Frank Mundy, Singers Glen VA

The Board of Directors meets three times a year.  An Annual Membership Meeting and Conference is held each spring; other social and educational gatherings are scheduled periodically. The membership enjoys implementing their mission, learning from one another, and sharing experiences in the outdoors.

The VOWA Mission

The Virginia Outdoor Writers Association is a coalition of writers, photographers, and video/film producers who inform through various media on the out-of-doors and its enjoyment.  Through this association, we strive to improve ourselves in our craft and increase our knowledge and understanding of the outdoors.

We pledge our support to the conservation of  natural resources and to the best precepts governing their consumption and recreational use.  Above all, we pledge to maintain the highest ethical standards in the exercise of our craft.