2014 Conference

VOWA 2014 Annual Meeting/Conference
Saturday, February 22, 2014
DoubleTree Hotel, 
Charlottesville VA

VOWA’s 2014 Annual Meeting was a big success.  Getting together with old friends, making new friends, informative presentations, networking, introductions of inspiring young people who are our future stewards and writers, recognizing excellence in the work of colleagues, and a Dominion sponsored Awards Luncheon filled the day. We welcomed Virginia’s newly appointed Secretary of Natural Resources, Molly Ward, who spoke with enthusiasm and openness about what she would like to bring to her work on behalf of our natural resources.

Spike & AwardWe honored  very special long time VOWA member, Carl “Spike” Knuth with a Lifetime Membership acknowledging Spike for his many years of dedicated service to educate Americans about our natural world and for his selfless efforts performed for the betterment  of the Virginia Outdoor Writers Association.

Be sure to view our showcases of EIC and High School & Collegiate winners under the Contest Tab.

VOWA is most grateful to the following organizations for their generous donations and support of our 2014 Annual Meeting:

Alpen Outdoor Corporation
Bass Pro Shops
Bureau of Land Management
Charlottesville Albemarle Convention & Visitors Bureau
Cooperative Living Magazine
Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
Hi Mountain Seasonings
Hunt’s Photo and Video
Majarov Photography
Mossy Creek Fly Fishing
The Virginia Sportsman Magazine


And thank you to each individual member donating items to the silent auction, your  contributions are greatly appreciated.

We also thank our outstanding speakers…
Jason DavisKeynote Speaker:
Jason Davis, Assistant Professor of Biology, Radford University

Working title: “In Vivo: The Value of Science
in Outdoor Writing”
We were honored to have Dr. Jason Davis as our keynote speaker.  Besides his academic/scientific activities, Jason is a freelance writer whose smooth style and ability to communicate scientific information to readers is outstanding. Jason really makes the  outdoors come to life for his readers and gave us invaluable tips on doing the same.  To introduce himself Jason shared the following:Jason Davis riding a yak

  • Grew up in South Carolina, mother was a math teacher, father was editor of South Carolina Wildlife Magazine
  • Studied biology and anthropology at College of Charleston
  • PhD in neuroscience & animal behavior from Emory University
  • Postdoctoral studies at University of Washington and University of California, Davis
  • Assistant professor of biology at Radford University since January 2009
  • Director of the Ecophysiology Laboratory and the Selu Conservancy Aviary
  • Research focusing on the physiological mechanisms that allow animals to cope with a dynamic environment, focusing on hormones, development and immunity

    We are proud to welcome Jason as a new member of VOWA!
    Jason Edward Davis Curriculum Vitae – Spring 2013

…and Secretary of Natural Resources, Molly Ward; Lynn Cameron, Friends of Shenandoah Mountain; and DGIF Deputy Wildlife Bureau Director, Bob Ellis!

  • Molly Ward, Secretary of Natural Resources DesigneeVOWA was very pleased have Virginia’s new Secretary of Natural Resources Molly Joseph Ward join us at the conference and speak at our luncheon. This was an outstanding opportunity for us to get to know Secretary Ward, and for she to meet us and learn about our Virginia Outdoor Writers Association.
    Click here and read more about Secretary Ward, her background, and her long time bond with the outdoors.

  • Outdoor News Panel featuring 2 outstanding presentations which will provide great ideas for stories/photos:
    Lynn CameronLynn Cameron, Co-Chair Friends of Shenandoah Mountain, beautifully described an innovative  project that includes hunters, fisherman, and numerous other groups all working together with the goal of protecting one of the largest tracts of wild land in the Eastern United States. 
    Click here to read more about Ms. Cameron and the Shenandoah Mountain Proposal and check out www.friendsofshenandoahmountain.org.

    Ellis Goose Trapping #002-LR copyDepartment of Game and Inland Fisheries Deputy Wildlife Bureau Director Robert “Bob” Ellis, “father of DGIF’s elk  project,”  expertly detailed the department’s efforts to restore and manage elk in our commonwealth.  Also a waterfowl expert, Director Ellis is shown at right smoothly handling a Tundra Swan!
    Click here to read more about Director Ellis, and check out the department’s site on Elk Restoration: www.dgif.virginia.gov/wildlife/elk/management-plan/